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Attached Houses

We bring homes and heat together
Attached Houses
Attached Houses
Attached Houses
Attached Houses
Attached Houses
Attached Houses

Make the connection. Recently a synergy has emerged between concerns about the environment and resource protection. This synergy has led to a very practical solution within the worlds of heating and cooling: A group of two or more buildings benefits in numerous ways if they share a single energy source. After all, a central heating unit for multiple buildings is one of the basics of energy conservation.

Still, a secure and durable connection between buildings and an external thermal network is often a challenge for installers and engineers. Proven district heating technology must be used. But flexibility in planning and products must also be considered since the installation must coexist with underground cables and pipes, trees and other garden obstacles, as well as roads.

We accept the challenge

Our extensive experience in underground building connections means we can support you in every step toward a durable and reliable network. Plumbers and installers appreciate our proven welding technology and the easy mounting our small bending-radius pipes provide. Our products also allow you to reduce installation costs by combining heating and sanitary lines in a single insulated, buried pipe

Krzysztof Kosicki, deputy executive director of the installation company INSBUD Północ Poznań, comments:

We use the high quality Thermaflex polyolefin insulation system for plumbing and heating in industrial applications, as well as in in technically demanding residential investment properties.


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Innovative Concept with flexible pipes: 

New Record: 1,5 hours for ten house connections.

(EuroHeat&Power Magazine, English Edition, Nov. 2014)

Environmental Certifications

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