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  New ‘Slimnet’ for 4,000 homes is blueprint for the future PDF 562 KB Preview Download Mail

Purmerend’s district heating resurrection at steep returns: In September 2015, the multiannual renovation project for 4,000 homes concluded for the city of Purmerend, the Netherlands. The cooperation between Thermaflex and local district heating company Stadsverwarming Purmerend saw the successful end of SVP’s ‘SlimNet’ program, aimed at reviving Purmerend’s deteriorated district heating network. Read the full article here.

  EuroHeat&Power: Optimized heating and cooling systems PDF 270 KB Preview Download Mail

New economic connection solution for flexible piping: optimized heating and cooling systems for low energy housing developments. 

(EuroHeat&Power Magazine, English Edition, Feb. 2013)

  EuroHeat&Power: Innovative concept with flexible pipes PDF 435 KB Preview Download Mail

Innovative Concept with flexible pipes: 

New Record: 1,5 hours for ten house connections.

(EuroHeat&Power Magazine, English Edition, Nov. 2014)

  UKDEA Newsletter: District heating & cooling (Member spotlight) PDF 3404 KB Preview Download Mail

In joint development of pre-insulated network solutions with leading Energy provider Thermaflex has gained vast experience and recognition in the field of District Energy. Sharing this know how to support new projects in achiving highest efficiency is the ambition. 

(UKDEA Newsletter, June 2014)

  H&V Magazine July 2015 PDF 595 KB Preview Download Mail

In the July issue of H&V Magazine an article is published on the renovation of the DHS in Capelle aan de IJssel. This renovation project was done in close cooperation between Thermaflex and Eneco. 

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