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We, Thermaflex

We have a history of pioneering innovations.

Our design for durability, recyclability and responsible processes demands a minimum use of resources for maximum benefit. Making a significant difference for those involved in heating, sanitary hot and cold water or cooling applications.

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Connecting the source and users of thermal energy in the most responsible way requires fast, durable and efficient systems which also need to be adaptive to the local circumstances, choices and expectations. Whenever energy is needed in several locations, networks are necessary to serve those needs. 

Smart networks are required in order to anticipate changes in the case of fragmented large and/or complex combinations of demand. Replacement of existing networks occurs where they were not as durable as the buildings they were intend to serve. The value of the networks should not be underestimated. It’s the environmental capital for the community when it comes to renewable energy. Just the same networks of various stakeholders (energy users/-producers, system suppliers, political-, technical-, environmental representations and other interest groups) can create sustainable solutions to our energy needs. Utilizing the power of physical networks that allow any type of renewable thermal generation to reach any combination of users.

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We develop and produce smart solutions for thermal energy distribution. Using state of the art flexible pre-insulated pipe systems and pre-fabricated branches that connect different internal components or between building and resources. Be that in residential areas, offices, hotels, public buildings or industries. 

In line with our energy and environment saving mission, we strive ourselves to be fully sustainable. For our own processes and buildings we are always in search for efficient and renewable materials and energy resources. We also facilitate the recapture and recycling of cut-offs, residual or end of lifetime Thermaflex materials. We take our responsibility seriously in our chain, branch and markets.

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Different communities or building in various circumstances require specific networks to serve them. This is the reason why various trees such as the oak, have developed different branches and leaves.

However, as they all serve a similar purpose, common structures are utilized. Leaves and their veins are typical examples of a robust networked system that at the same time are natural, elegant and fail safe. Every local situation may have different local resources or combinations. Whether traditionally powered by bio-mass or bio-gas, geothermal or solar powered networks, they all serve the same purpose for the community. Our ‘high-energy’ teams across the globe attach a great deal of importance to the creation of smart energy solutions. It always encourages us to work together with our stakeholders to make substantial progress.

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The cell structure of our polyolefin foams closely resembles the structure of the bark of the oak tree. Flexalen and prefabricated branches are insulated and protected, yet flexible and durable like the trunk and branches of the tree. In retrospect, the invention of these products and components were an absolute breakthrough. It did not only change our business, it also changed us.

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