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We, Thermaflex

Innovation drives our organization

We are innovative, sensitive pioneers in sustainable development; leading is our impact on the environment. Our company is focused on a strong social culture, innovative technologies and relationships with partners that share our vision. Connecting and co-creating with our stakeholders, based on true relationships, a shared vision and performance.

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We are inspired by nature in the way that it provides the necessary isolation and protection without depletion of resources. Always in full symbiotic harmony with its surroundings, creating a circular state of existence.

Our designs and systems contribute to the circular economy; they are recyclable and serve the transition to renewable energy. Responsible processes demanding a minimum of resources for maximum benefit.

At Thermaflex we like to think in solutions rather than in products. Our research and development is aimed at the specific needs of our customers and end users. Not merely at our own production output. We are building close relationships with our potential partners, creating maximum optimal solutions with our stakeholders in co-development projects.

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Our decentralized structure makes us an organization without real borders. Ensuring optimal coordination of regional specialists supported by international experts. These multi-disciplinary teams are the drivers for bottom-up innovation processes. Smart, creative and pioneering.

At Thermaflex we embrace change so it works for us. We have developed skills that detect opportunities and contribute to solutions. Our bottom-up approach empowers us all to be entrepreneurs in our own field of expertise.

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We develop solutions to serve the needs of today, and tomorrow. Our innovations are a continuous improvement and an expansion of our core competences. They form the building blocks for practical and competitive solutions to serve our customers, installers, end-users and other stakeholders for generations to come. In this way, our solutions are not only the most environmentally friendly, but also the preferred choice.

We are working with defined processes for

  • developing insights into ideas
  • building business cases involving all necessary disciplines
  • clear and transparent criteria
  • increasing possibilities to a different competence level
  • monitoring these initiatives throughout our organization
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Our daily search for innovation feeds our culture in creating flexible solutions and answers to the rapidly changing worldwide technological developments. Focused on the sustainable use of market opportunities and partnerships with like-minded companies.

At Thermaflex, we

  • create preconditions for support and facilitation of the innovation process
  • promote diversity of thinking
  • connect/team-up conversations throughout the organization

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