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Showroom Mercedes-Benz in Sosnowiec

Sosnowiec, Poland
Presenting high quality
Showroom Mercedes-Benz in Sosnowiec
Showroom Mercedes-Benz in Sosnowiec
Showroom Mercedes-Benz in Sosnowiec

Mercedes-Benz Sosnowiec is a factory and service center of Daimler located in the city of Sosnowiec. There they offer new as well as used cars and LCVs, furthermore a maintenance service and a district vehicle control station. They are always focus on  a complete customer satisfaction, sothat the aim of Mercedes-Benz Sosnowiec is the continuous improvement of services and products to meet the individual needs of customers. Due to this they built a new showroom to present the cars rightfully.

To meet the highest standards in safety and security as well as ecological aspects Mercedes-Benz Sosnowiec decided for the usage of Thermaflex Ultra M sheet to protect the ventilation system, coolers and splits within the new building. The decision of the interior designer to mount Thermaflex Ultra M sheet was additionally an aestethical one.


The main objective was to constitute the prevention of the whole system against heat loss. Furthermore, the protection of the piping from condensation steam. Equally important was the aesthetic appearance of the installed insulation. Especially the technical parameters of the Thermaflex Ultra M sheet and technical support were highly appreciated. Moreover the fast and easy installation as well as the long-term and sustainable solution for a trouble-free operation for many years.


The proper selection of the insulation material helped to minimize the heat loss in the entire ventilation system. Because it perfetcly deals with the temperature differences between the ventilation duct and the room, which can result in condensation on the surface of the ventilation duct. The use of sheets of Thermaflex Ultra M allows to counteract this phenomenon and provides an very aesthetic appearance in one. Moreover, movement of air in ducts or fan operation creates noise and vibration. These acoustic effects created  by the flow of the air in the ventilation duct of bends and tees could be limited perfectly, too.

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  • within operation for many years
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Ryszard Sajnog
Regional Sales Manager
Sub.: Thermaflex Poland
Gottlieba Daimlera 1 , Sosnowiec, Poland
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