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Residential area „Plava laguna“

Novo Mesto, Slovenia
Replacing the old steel
Residential area „Plava laguna“
Residential area „Plava laguna“
Residential area „Plava laguna“

Novo Mesto, Slovenia, is traditionally considered to be the economic and cultural centre of the historical Lower Carniola region. Here, the city council decided to replace a corroded and leakage-ridden old steel network, and invest in a more sustainable solution. The old network was over 33 years old. They sought to supply apartment houses, shops and a kindergarten with reliable heat, as well as distributing thermal water for swimming pools.


The objective was to replace the 33-year-old steel network, and find a more reliable, energy-efficient and sustainable solution for the border town of Nove Mesto. The emphasis was mainly laid on a suitable solution for the aggressive thermal water distributed through the network.


Because of the flexibility of the pipe system and the support from our technical departments, the project was completed within three weeks. Notable energy savings, and the safe transport for thermal water, was achieved.


City Council Novo Mesto, Slovenia

Ecoinvest d.o.o., Celje, Slovenia

3 weeks
Artur Klos
Sales Director CEE-countries
Sub.: Thermaflex Austria
8000 Novo Mesto, Slovenia
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