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Europe's busiest trainstation

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sustaining 300,000 travellers a day
Europe's busiest trainstation
Europe's busiest trainstation
Europe's busiest trainstation

As a restless hotspot with such rich cultural heritage, artistic grandeur, and bustling nightlife, Amsterdam ranks among the most frequented cities worldwide. It is no surprise then, that its central station is also one of the busiest. Everyday about 250,000 people travel through Amsterdam Central Station, and that number is expected to increase to 300,000 in the coming years. In order to accommodate this rise, Prorail planned an expansion of the commercial area in the middle tunnel of the station. This complex, full of infrastructural and historical obstacles, stood in need of a smart building solution to meet those challenges.

Because of the long length (20 meters) of the existing steel ducts, no straight lines could be used. On top of that, the dimensions did not allow any room for connection. A test together with Prorail effectively demonstrated that a coiled Flexalen pipe was perfectly suitable for these conditions as it could be easily slide through the existing ducts as opposed to traditional systems. 


An easy, yet reliable heating and cooling solution to support shops and restaurants in the middle tunnel of Amsterdam Central Station was targeted. As the historical station is a complex building site with a number of limiting restrictions, ease and speed of implantation played a key role. The middle tunnel is constructed on a thick concrete shelf in which old steel pipes are included. Using these steel pipes as guiding ducts was the only possible way to install a new network for heating and cooling.


Thanks to the flexibility of Flexalen it was possible to use the existing steel pipes as a duct. In this way a quick and easy connection of all the shops to the central heating and cooling network was achieved.

The first phase included half a kilometer of Flexalen. The existing pipes, where the Flexalen pipes had to go in, offered only a very small latitude […]. Thermaflex supplied testing materials and they came with specialists at the building site to help us and give advice. This test was decisive. The excellent flexibility and possibility to use Flexalen from the coil turned out to be ideal. We will use Flexalen for the entire project.

Koen Sanderman, project manager of De Groot Installatiegroep:


De Groot Installatiegroep (Installer)
ProRail (Contractor)

  • 250000 
  • commuters every day!
  • 126 
  • year old building to protect!
6 months project phase
Christian Broks
Regional DHC specialist
Sub.: Thermaflex Netherlands
Stationsplein , 1012 AB Amsterdam, Netherlands
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