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Castle Topacz in Poland

Sleza, Poland
Flexalen in a five-star hotel
Castle Topacz in Poland
Castle Topacz in Poland
Castle Topacz in Poland
Castle Topacz in Poland
Castle Topacz in Poland
Castle Topacz in Poland
Castle Topacz in Poland
Castle Topacz in Poland

Topacz Castle is a historic site, which includes a complex of buildings in the south-west of Poland. The castle has been converted into a hotel and conference center, located 20 minutes from the center of Wroclaw. There you can find a automobile museum, a 50 hectare recreational area for cycling and roller skating, a pond, bridges and a sandy beach. Since the beginning of 2014 the owners started to renovate and expand the complex with the help of Thermaflex.

The five-star hotel Castle Topacz including a restaurant and a swimming pool needed to undergo reconstruction. Therefore the boiler room had to be connected with the redesigned building, where the bioler room is on first floor of the castle. With our support, an efficient, reliable distribution network for the central heating, potable hot water and process heat could be realized.


  • Create a reliable, long-lasting solution for the central heating, potable water and process heat between the boiler room and the redesigned object
  • Use of a modern, safe and sustainable technology
  • Minimize heat loss during transmission
  • Set an optimal path between buildings, with minimal damage to the historical site
  • Network efficiency at the highest level


Within the redesigned building the ballroom was expanded within the facility, which now covers an area of over 600 m2. Additionally there are two new conference rooms, a restaurant, a spa & wellness area, a swimming pool and 12 luxury suites. The connection for the supply of these aeras with heat and water was made with Flexalen 600, which proved an easy and highly suitable solution. The result is a durable and flexible network at the highest level of performance. The outstanding technical parametry of the PB pipe and the excellent bending radiuses were ideal for this project.


Zamek Topacz Hotel & Spa

Viessmann (manufacturer of boilers and heat pumps)

  • 600 m² 
  • of recrational area
  • 100 meters 
  • of Flexalen 600 pipes
Barbara Wojtas
Regional Sales Manager
Sub.: Thermaflex Poland
Sleza, Poland
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