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"Astoria" sanatorium in Busko Zdroj

Busko-Zdrój, Poland
Peace of mind and body for generations to come
"Astoria" sanatorium in Busko Zdroj
"Astoria" sanatorium in Busko Zdroj
"Astoria" sanatorium in Busko Zdroj
"Astoria" sanatorium in Busko Zdroj
"Astoria" sanatorium in Busko Zdroj

Astoria sanatorium is located in the heart of the majestic spa town of Busko-Zdroj. The complex is situated in a picturesque resort park that fascinates all with its unique charm. Guests can enjoy an exclusive spa & wellness zone, which hosts a variety of excellent treatments. The health clinic strives to ensure the comfort, health and well-being of its guests. We made the same commitment for Astoria's energy needs.

This impressive resort planned to expand. Whilst expanding the hospital they found that they needed an efficient, and sustainable insulation solution to protect the engine and boiler room. This installation consists of four boilers that supply central heating, swimming pool water, and the medicinal installations such as the sulphur baths. Because of its excellent and sustainable performance, universal applicability, and ease of speed of installation, ThermaEco FRZ proved to be highly suitable to meet the needs of the sanatorium and its guests.


In searching for the perfect solution, the main goal was to effectively protect the pipeline against heat losses, whilst also lowering of the temperature in some other areas. Additionally, there was a strong focus on the moisture resistance of the insulation material itself. The condensation-free ThermaEco FRZ proved the perfect weapon to bring to the fight against condensation gathering on the cold water pipes. With our environmentally friendly and fully recyclable polyolefine material, the ecological considerations specific to this project could be easily met.


With the installation of ThermaEco FRZ insulation, heat loss was thoroughly minimized hassle-free, and in minimal time in a solution that will work headache-free for many years to come, saving energy, and providing economic as well as ecological benefits. On top of that, our professional support made for an installation that's easy on the eyes too.

  • 120 guests
  • enjoy recovery in fully equipped rooms
1 year
Ryszard Sajnog
Regional Sales Manager
Sub.: Thermaflex Poland
Ul. Starkiewicza 19 , Busko-Zdrój, Poland
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