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We, Thermaflex

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We're always looking for innovative thinkers with executive force, tackling today’s complex challenges in a solution-oriented approach. We offer every employee a personal development platform to perform to the best of their abilities. All within highly professional teams and in an international innovative environment.

Technical Insulation Specialist

At Thermaflex we are on a Mission!

Since our company has been founded, we have endeavored to transport and insulate the distribution of heat and cold in an efficient and sustainable manner. In the past, we simply produced insulation materials for pipes and technical installations to save money and to improve the availability of hot water for heating and plumbing use. Today, we are very aware that almost half of the energy produced on this planet is used for heating and cooling. Most of the energy generated by the burning of fossil fuels. This makes our vision absolutely clear to us:

Minimize the waste of energy & maximize the use of renewable energy sources.

We develop and produce smart, efficient and sustainable piping and insulation solutions, designed specifically for optimal energy savings applied in residential areas, offices, hotels, hospitals, shipping and industry around the world. Our nature-inspired design for efficiency, sustainability and recyclability requires minimum resources for maximum benefit in terms of energy, the environment, the economy and the quality of life. The organization has offices in 16 different countries headquartered in Waalwijk. There are about 300 people worldwide, of whom approximately 80 work in the Netherlands.

In order to achieve our growth goals we are looking for:

Technical Insulation Specialist

A Trainer with passion for craftmanship

Your challenge:

A smart solution requires thinking along with and listening to the customer but above all exceeding the expectations of customers. Within the region we see an increasing demand for technical support in the form of insulation advice and training, both internal and external and both pre-sales and after-sales.

  • Developing and providing on-site training and tools (travel is part of your work)
  • Train professionals (certified insulators)
  • Create a community of trained professionals and give advice on how to apply insulation
  • Be a question box for technical and practical advice
  • Contributing to start-up and guidance of projects
  • Keep instruction manuals and videos updated
  • Demonstrations at trade fairs
  • Maintaining relationships at all levels
  • Experience in technical pipe insulation work
  • Broad knowledge and experience with thermal insulation materials
  • Good oral and written skills (English is a must)
  • Strong communicative skills (presenting, training,social media in cooperation with marketing)
  • Independence and willingness to travel
  • Proactive, motivated and creative
  • 'Hands on' and result-oriented
  • Team player and connector

What you can expect:

As Thermaflex we want to be a source of energy for passionate employees. In doing so, we pay huge attention to your personal development and commitment of your strengths within highly professional teams in a dynamic international environment. In addition, the company stands out from competition by its innovative and sustainable character (Cradle to Cradle certified).

Do you want to contribute to our mission? Then send your CV and cover letter to

Listed May 11, 2020 in Sales

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