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Keeping it fresh

For safer products. For safer consumers.

Refrigeration is vital to life as we know it. It keeps delicate products fresh and protects the people who consume them against negative effects. Supermarkets, food processors, convenience stores and logistic facilities are just some of the places where proper refrigeration is crucial. Together with our stakeholders, we have developped effective and proven solutions to keep refrigeration at peak performance.

Reliable solutions for safe products

Safety is essential in both food itself and the equipment we rely on to maintain its freshness. We offer reliable, proven-sustainable refrigeration solutions that comply with and often exceed international quality standards and certifications.

Thermaflex refrigeration conserves energy and the environment

Since refrigeration is a process that that operates around-the-clock, it requires significant energy. Our solutions provide efficient, economical energy use and minimize the hazards of improper refrigeration.

When safety and Quality both come first

Improper or interrupted refrigeration can harm both humans and the environment. Since refrigeration lines contain delicate gasses and/or liquids, a leak can lead to both lost inventory and serious environmental issues. We offer proven solutions that protect you against the costs these events bring with them.

Thermaflex solutions benefit towards keeping delicate consumables fresh and safe:

  • Protection against condensation and frozen lines
  • No chemical effect on copper lines
  • No contribution to bad air quality (bad smell from condensation)
  • A sustainable system of recyclable pipes and insulation, made for long service life time

Our local specialists likely support you towards finding the right solution for each case

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Environmental Certifications

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